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Summary report 2011-2012

The Brussels on-line publications on the State of the Environment are meant to provide an overall picture. They illustrate the principal characteristics and changes of the main environmental urban domains as well as important environmental challenges.

The summary report 2011-2012 covers some forty subjects, mainly updates of the various thematic indicators. These recurrent issues are supplemented with a number of topical 'focuses' based on one-shot data.

Just click on an environmental theme to see the associated list of subjects.

What you need to know about this English edition

For the writing of numbers in the text of the web pages, we use the point as the decimal marker, while thousands are separated by commas. However in the charts and graphs the writing of numbers is done the continental way (comma as decimal marker).

For technical reasons and to ensure smooth reading of the text, the geographical and bibliographical references are only in French or in Dutch instead of bilingual.

If you would like more information about the data and methodology used, or wish to consult additional publications on a subject, please refer to the French or Dutch version of the Web page.

Date de mise à jour: 14/12/2020