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Water and aquatic environment

Water is a precious resource which should be preserved. Yet human activity emits a high number of pollutants which are likely to end up in surface water or groundwater via direct inflows (e.g. waste water discharge) or indirect inflows (e.g. run-off, atmospheric deposits). Few of these are actually detected in water, but they degrade its quality and threaten the aquatic ecosystems associated with it. The Senne is subject to the greatest pressures and its quality does not yet meet all standards, despite a significant improvement at the exit to Brussels since the implementation of the North water treatment plant. The groundwater of the Brusselian Sands, harnessed among other reasons for the supply of drinking water, is contaminated by certain pollutants.

Another major concern related to water: the fight against flooding. Brussels is increasingly affected by this phenomenon, due to its growing urbanisation. The mapping of flood hazard areas and the evaluation of flood risk carried out in 2013 represent vital tools in the management of this risk.

Date de mise à jour: 30/05/2020