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The soils and groundwater of the Region have suffered from significant pollution over the centuries. This pollution is due to the industrial past of the city but it can also come from other sources, including the presence of former landfill sites or the spillage, accidental or otherwise, of pollutant substances by businesses or private individuals. This pollution presents a potential risk for human health and for ecosystems. However, the rehabilitation and reuse of the land affected by this pollution is often hindered by high remediation or risk-management costs.

The management of this problem has been gradually organised at the regional level. Up until now, this has been achieved in particular by the drafting of a soil condition inventory, the treatment of 472 ha of contaminated land, and the implementation of various economic tools designed to help identify contaminated soil, or treat contaminated plots. As for the current activities, these are strictly regulated.

Date de mise à jour: 18/12/2017