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Environment for a sustainable city

For several years, the Region has implemented a large range of initiatives, at various levels (building, neighbourhood, city), designed to ensure that Brussels is a sustainable city. The objective is to reconcile, in a balanced way, economic development, quality of life and solidarity, whilst responding to the multiple environmental challenges with which the Region is confronted.

In general, all of the environmental policies conducted at the regional level help to increase the sustainability of the city, by reducing its environmental impact (both at the local and overall level), increasing its resilience, and improving the quality of life for Brussels inhabitants.

However, some of the initiatives carried out in terms of the environment fall within the cross-disciplinary policies which are conducted at various levels, and which help to implement the strategy of a "sustainable city", by bringing together environmental, social and economic concerns.

Most of these tools and policies use an original and specific methodology which aims above all to create a "bottom-up" dynamic, by stimulating and encouraging the initiatives of citizens, businesses and local authorities.

Date de mise à jour: 30/05/2020