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Report 2011-2014

The aim of the collection of Reports on the State of the Environment is to assess the state and the evolution of the environment in the Brussels Region. This detailed report on the state of the environment in Brussels covers the period from 2011 to 2014.

By clicking on an issue, you can view the list of indicators and focuses which relate to the environmental challenges for the issue in question. The subjects covered illustrate significant environmental challenges. They are primarily based on indicators (recurrent quantitative data). As for the focuses, these are based on recent assessments and studies. People wishing to obtain more information can download these assessments and studies via the sidebar "Documents". You can also find the data which underpins the indicators and the methodological sheets.

The legal context and the methodology applied are explained elsewhere on this website.

The report is the fruit of a partnership with the experts of various departments of Brussels Environment, as well as several external experts.

Date de mise à jour: 14/12/2020