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Jean-Felix Hap Garden

Hidden behind its enclosing wall, Jean-Félix Hap Garden is undoubtedly the most beautiful park in Etterbeek. Il offers visitors the beauty of its landscaped layout, the beneficial calm of its peaceful environment and, recently, an educational ecological space.

The brewer Albert-Joseph Hap bought the site in 1804. In 2005, the Brussels-Capital Region developed the parcel fronting on Auderghem Avenue as an ecological space.

In the first part of the garden, paths wind through large lawns planted with majestic trees. The second part is made up of low growth and a pond redeveloped in 2000. The third part of the park, planted with local species, is an ecological and educational garden.

Yellow irises, water lilies, marsh marigolds, water mint, etc., now populate the pond. Some of the imposing trees of various species are on the list of remarkable trees in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Management of the site, the responsibility of the municipality of Etterbeek, makes use of techniques and methods respectful of natural biodiversity, in accordance with the maintenance charter of Brussels Environment.


75 Rue Louis Hap
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